Incredible video of car flying and flipping down San Francisco stairway

On Saturday evening, a car racing down a dead-end street in San Francisco drove through the barrier and flew down the iconic Sanchez Street Stairs, knocking down a tree and flipping over before coming to a landing at the bottom of the steps.

"There was a woman pulling out a guy, all bloody, and the guy had a full face mask, all black, dressed in black. She was in black, red hair, yelling at them, 'We have three minutes till the cops come! We have three minutes, hurry up!'" witness Michael Perez told CBS News. "There was another guy and there was another guy still stuck in the car and they were, like, 'Just leave him! Leave him!"

Everyone in the car apparently fled the scene. Police reportedly found a gun at the scene and another witness said that a fellow down the block had been carjacked.

image: Google Street View