Surgeon warns against the most dangerous sex position, which causes 50% of penile fractures

The human penis doesn't have a bone, but boners can fracture went the the sheath of tissue called the tunica albuginea gets bent past the breaking point. And according to UK-based surgeon and TikToker Dr. Karan Raj, the sex position most likely to break a penis is the reverse cowgirl.

"It's the cause of 50% of penile fractures," says Dr. Raj in this TikTok video. "If there's any erratic thrusting of the movements of the two parties that are not in sync," it could cause the penis to slip out and get "crushed by the female pubic bone."

This contradicts previous findings, though. As reported in Man of Many:

A 2017 study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research revealed the relationship between sexual positions and penile fractures, and surprisingly Reverse cowgirl didn't make the list. As stipulated in The New York Post, doggy style was found to be the most dangerous sex position, causing the most dick fractures, at 41 per cent of all cases. After that, Missionary was found to be the second most dangerous with 25.5 per cent, followed by "women-on-top" with 10 per cent.