Doggo decides to wear his dog bowl holder around his neck — then barks for help to get the darn thing off (video)

A bull terrier was left alone for one minute — just enough time to get his head stuck in his food bowl holder. Because who wouldn't want to prance around with an awkwardly long wooden contraption wedged around your neck?

And when his human found him encumbered with said dog bowl holder, he both wagged his tail with proud satisfaction (seeming to wait for a well-earned "Good boy!") while anxiously barking for help. (See video below, posted by Maddie Cail.)

I can't imagine how his human managed to slip that snug accessory off his head — that would make for another good video. But in the comments of this clip, she says the thing came off "with great difficulty." But fortunately, she adds, "it didn't seem to hurt him."