Sen. Tuberville's lies about father's WWII service record delight his MAGA base

History has shown that when a cult leader is caught telling a lie or being a hypocrite, his followers use the falsehood as a brick to bolster their foundation of self-delusion. They exclaim, "Look at how the biased media vilifies our beloved leader! We must increase our tithes to defend against the slander."

And so it is with Sen. "Coach" Tommy Tuberville (R-AL). The Washington Post just published an article titled, "Tuberville's tales about his father in World War II have false elements." This exposé looks into assertions Tuberville made about his father's military service during World War II, uncovering that his accounts range from questionable to entirely contrived.

Between this and Tuberville's assertion that white nationalists be regarded as "Americans," you can almost hear the cash pouring into Tuberville's reelection campaign coffers.