"Ron DeSantis Slave Trade Trade School" mocks GOP's take on historical atrocities

According to the GOP, it's woke to think that slavery and the Holocaust were bad things. White non-Jews like Jesse Watters, Ron DeSantis, and Greg Gutfeld have made it a goal to explain that enslaved Blacks and massacred Jews were fortunate to learn important skills as they were tortured, raped, imprisoned, and killed.

The Lincoln Project has brilliantly satirized this horrific narrative in a parody TV commercial titled "Ron DeSantis' Slave Trade Trade School." The spoof is reminiscent of the kind of skits produced during the golden era of Saturday Night Live.

"Find out how easy it is to learn from home," says the chipper narrator. "Just not your home."

This video is especially enjoyable for anyone who remembers Sally Struthers' early 1990s commercial for International Correspondence Schools.