A Massachusetts middle school paints "SHCOOL" on their road

A middle school in Holden, Massachusetts found itself in an embarrassing situation when they painted "SHCOOL SLOW" on the road, warning drivers to slow down. And to make matters worse, after two weeks, the misspelled word hasn't been corrected.

So town officials, who undoubtedly got schooled by many in the community, brought up the error in a Facebook post, saying, "We are aware of the typo in the road near Mountview School and we informed the contractor (pictured below) shortly after the error occurred two weeks ago. Due to recent weather conditions they have not been able to return to repaint the text. We expect it to be corrected shortly and we are eternally grateful for everyone's input on this matter."

And then, with a sense of humor, Mountview Middle Shcool had the last laugh, temporarily changing their school sign to match the road (see image below, posted by Town of Holden). "We are pleased to announce that the Town has devised a temporary solution for the road paint typo in front of Mountview," they said. "You're welcome."