Tesla crashes into backyard pool in Phoenix, Arizona

It's so hot in Phoenix, even the cars are jumping into pools to cool down! This morning, a blue Tesla crashed into a pool in north Phoenix. Luckily, it appears nobody was hurt. AZ Family reports:

Video from Arizona's Family news drone shows the blue sedan appeared to have crashed into a brick wall before landing fully submerged in a backyard pool in a neighborhood just off 35th Avenue and Beardsley Road. Details are still extremely limited, but footage showed a child's car seat also in the water. 

The homeowner told Arizona's Family that he was getting ready for the day when he heard a loud noise from his recently-removed backyard. "I heard a sound that sounded like an explosion" the homeowner said. "It sounded like a bomb off." 

At this time, there are no reports of injuries and it's not yet known what led up to the crash.

All joking aside, this event sounds really scary, and I'm glad nobody was hurt–at least as far as we currently know. Police are still investigating to try to understand what happened, so hopefully we'll get updated soon. Stay safe, folks!