Watch Frog bake a pie for Toad

I've written about the cute knitted creations of India Rose Crawford before, and I'm here to share this utterly adorable video featuring Frog, who is baking a pie for Toad. In the video, Frog first puts on an apron before cutting strawberries, cooking them down on the stove, rolling out a pie crust, putting the pie filling into the dough, then popping it into the oven until it's golden brown. Frog then serves a delicious slice of pie to Toad, and they both sit together at the most beautifully set table and enjoy their pie while they sip tea.

The details are just magnificent, and the jaunty music brings the little scene to life. I've watched it several times on loop – it's just delightful! I hope you enjoy!

If you enjoyed this video, check out India Rose Crawford's Instagram for more of her knitted creatures.