Watch these adorable rescue bats from the Amutat bat sanctuary

I can't get enough of these adorable bats that are being rehabilitated at Amutat ATALEF, a bat sanctuary in Israel. The sanctuary's website describes their mission:

Amutat ATALEF (an NPO) was established in order to help, treat, and rehabilitate fruit bats, and then release those who are able back to nature. These include bats from all over Israel, who were found wounded, sick, orphaned or exhausted.

We receive bats from petting corners, zoos, research labs, and from good people who happened upon a bat that required help. We aspire primarily to rehabilitate the bats and return them all to nature.

Bats whose condition does not enable return to the wild, stay at the shelter and join the community of permanent residents. The permanent enclosure is specially adapted to various bat handicaps, and is equipped with enrichment toys, physiotherapy equipment and a soft landing area.

The shelter provides the quiet surroundings the bats require in order to recover. They receive individual treatment, according to their condition.

All of our members are volunteers. We believe that if each person will contribute a bit of their talent, time and money, together we can change the world!

Over on their Instagram, they post images and videos of their adorable bats. Here's one having a flight lesson. And another one practicing their balance. Check out these cuties playing and practicing flying. And this injured bat enjoying a fruit shake, this one enjoying some melon, this one eating a banana, and this one drinking some water. Finally, check out this sweet old fellow munching on some mango! Enjoy!