Is Rudy Giuliani screaming about Trump indictment — or is it a self-loathing rant? (video)

A hysterical Rudy Giuliani was none too pleased about his new status as alleged "Co-Conspirator #1" among the six described (but not identified) co-conspirators listed in Donald Trump's third indictment. In fact, the disgraced attorney, whose license has long been "temporarily" suspended, nearly broke down and cried on Newsmax last night.

Watch how the unhinged Giuliani disguises his fury over his own miserable situation that the thrice-indicted MAGA boss has put him in with mock outrage over Jack Smith "violating" Trump's "right of free speech." (See video below, posted by Acyn.)

"This one will be your legacy, violating the right of free speech of an American citizen, never mind whether he was president or not! It could be anybody, it could be a homeless person!" "anybody" Giuliani said, waving the 45-page indictment — which describes Co-Conspirator #1 as someone "who was willing to spread knowingly false claims and pursue strategies" — in front of the camera.

And then he exploded, but it was as if he were scolding himself while facing a mirror. "You don't get to violate people's First Amendment right, Smith, no matter who the hell you are!! Or no matter how sick you are with Trump derangement syndrome. And this isn't the first time you've acted like an unethical lawyer!" Just replace "Smith" with "Giuliani" and it all makes sense.

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