Marjorie Taylor Greene claims there is a conspiracy in Congress to "trigger" her

Like most self-absorbed people, Marjorie Taylor Greene suffers from a severe persecution complex. Here she is on Real America's Voice, spinning an elaborate conspiracy theory — which includes obligatory references to the deep state and George Soros — about a plot to "trigger" her.

According to Greene, the conspiracy revolves around Rep. Dan Goldman (D-CA), a former federal prosecutor who uses his platform and procedural power in Congress to "prosecute" Trump continually, regardless of the topic at hand. Whether the conversation revolves around the border crisis, fentanyl deaths, or oversight hearings, Goldman, she claims, finds a way to turn the discussion against Trump.

But the accusations don't stop there. Perpetual victim Greene alleges that Goldman's attacks extend to her as well, an element she believes is a calculated move to incite her. "They're trying to trigger me, [to] make me angry," she said, expressing frustration that Goldman frequently speaks directly before or after her during committee hearings.

The aggrieved Congresswoman also takes aim at Goldman's personal background and political beliefs, painting him as a radical progressive, comparing him to figures like George Soros. "He's not connected to real America, and he definitely has a communist mindset," Greene declared, adding that Goldman is a "trust fund baby" and the heir of Levi Strauss. (I have to give her credit — she does a decent job of pointing out that Goldman is Jewish without saying it outright.)

The real question is, how do you trigger someone whose trigger is permanently pulled?