Dead body found in Texas's floating border barrier (Update: 2 bodies found)

The Department of Justice last week sued Texas over its floating barrier in the Rio Grande, posed by Gov. Greg Abbott as a necessary measure to protect the border. Some said it was too short to be anything but a symbolic, attention-grabbing stunt, while others said it was dangerous. A dead body is now stuck in it, reports KTSA.

Officials say the Mexican consulate in Eagle Pass has been told by the Texas Department of Public Safety, that a body has been found stuck in the barrier.

Work is underway to identify the body and determine the exact cause of death.

The barrier of floating buoys was installed last month and has created its share of controversy.

Irrespective of what happened here, the barrier is a lethal booby trap. It's designed to roll people a foot underwater and keep them there when they get to it. The purpose of it is obvious, while politicians smirk and shrug and not quite say that it wouldn't otherwise be a deterrent.

UPDATE: ABC News reports that there are two bodies.

The Mexican National Institute of Migration told ABC News on Wednesday that a second body has been discovered in the buoys. The person's identity and cause of death was also unknown. It remained unclear whether the deaths were connected.