Fox's indictment coverage as a horror movie trailer

This movie trailer made of Fox hosts reacting to Trump's latest felony charges is a horror. Cable TV can't fall apart fast enough.

Crooks and Liars:

The coming attractions of Fox News' coverage: Stephen Miller ghoulishly calling the indictment "the legal equivalent of the French guillotine," Jesse Watters exclaiming it's "a political war crime," and Laura Ingraham all but shrieking, "This is not your country any more."

Later, with Orwellian irony, Sean Hannity removed his nose from Trump's butt long enough to claim that indicting a guy who attacked our constitution is "the shredding of our constitution."

Vivek Ramaswamy, who hopes to be elected president, proved he's all in on destroying our democracy, too. He joined Sen. Tom Cotton and Hannity in fear mongering that the rule of law represents a "full banana republic."

"This election cycle, watch Fox News fall apart," Abughazaleh's screen text says.