Marjorie Taylor Greene warns her MAGA mob that the U.S. is now "post-Constitution" (video)

Qongresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene was so worked up about Donald Trump's third indictment, she interrupted her workout in her home gym to warn us that the United States is now "post-Constitution."

"It feels pretty much like we're post-Constitution, because it feels like communism in America today when 'President' Trump is being indicted and having to show up and be arraigned and arrested and processed in a court," she complained, furious that a rich white conman who breaks the law gets constitutionally treated like every other conman in the country.

Georgia's stable genius then blew her trusty dog whistle, signaling to her armed MAGA mob that their Qult leader has "no chance of having a fair trial" because the court is packed with a "jury not of his peers," but rather "a jury made up of people that hate him for political reasons." And she is sure of this, because "other people" told her so.

"Right now, it feels like that Constitution has been put through the paper shredder," she comically said at the end of her propaganda video (see below, posted by Patriot Takes), seemingly mixing up the Constitution with Trump's stolen classified documents.

Front page thumbnail image: Boing Boing / Midjourney