Influencer Kai Cenat to be charged with inciting riot after Playstation giveaway causes chaos in Union Square

Kai Cenat, a Twitch streamer, attempted to organize an ad-hoc Playstation giveaway event in New York City. Thousands of people turned up–and then a few thousand more, with the surging crowd descending into chaos, setting off fireworks, jumping on cars and choking traffic for hours around Union Square. Cenat was immediately taken into custody and is to be charged with inciting a riot, according to media reports.

Cenat, 21,had been removed from the area for his safety after thousands of mostly young people descended on Manhattan's Union Square on Friday afternoon, Maddrey said earlier.

Maddrey said that 65 people were arrested. Thirty of them were juveniles, he said.

They were taken into custody after people threw bottles, fireworks, rocks and paint cans that had been taken from a construction site at the park, Maddrey said.

Just think, if only Trump had offered to give away Playstations on Jan 6, 2021, he'd have been charged with the one thing he was conspiciously not charged with earlier this week! I wonder what it is about Trump that's different from popular Black man Kai Cenat.