Elon Musk shares a video where employees watch him exercise

Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk is doing the stuff a pedo guy would if a pedo guy could. Perhaps this is in preparation for a not-quite-materializing bout of fisticuffs with a successful social media CEO; maybe he is just showing off his incredible skills — but it sure is creeptastic!


"Is this working? Hello? What the," he began, clarifying that the broadcast was a test of the platform's Live feature.

With a sitewide viewership of over 40 million people, Musk also had an in-person audience of at least five or six employees — who he definitely was not trying to impress a la Ron Burgundy.

"This is me curling a 45," he proclaimed, after lifting one of two dumbbells off the table.

"Oh my God," blurted an either awestruck or brown-nosing employee, as Musk — with somewhat lackluster form — transitioned the curl into completing a shoulder press.

Featured Image: Twitter