EMT arrested after stealing money from "patient" in sting op

Emergency medical technician Luis Carrillo Jr., 43, was charged with felony grand larceny after taking $600 from a "sick" patient who was, in fact, a cop sent to investigate him after an earlier report of theft.

The undercover test was conducted around 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday when an investigator posed as a sick patient in need of medical attention. Under DOI surveillance, the undercover investigator was then transferred in an ambulance to Elmhurst Hospital in Queens. The undercover investigator saw the EMT remove his wallet while in the ambulance, which contained $1,100 in marked bills. Once the investigator was dropped off at the hospital, he discovered that $690 was missing from his wallet, according to the DOI.

"This defendant took an oath to provide emergency medical assistance with diligence and compassion, but instead used his position to steal from an individual who appeared to be in need of care," said Jocelyn Strauber, the commissioner of NYC's Department of Investigation. "The disgraceful charged conduct stands in stark contrast to the FDNY's countless EMTs who act with honor and integrity every day, delivering critical care to New Yorkers in need."

Carrillo was also charged with official misconduct, a misdemeanor, and suspended from duty.