Frustrated MAGA man tries — but fails — to explain how Trump election was stolen (video)

A MAGA man showed up at Donald Trump's indictment last week insisting the 2020 election was stolen. But when a Good Liar asked for one piece of Big Lie evidence, the stable genius had a hard time getting his point across.

At first, the Trump fanatic — who was sporting a T-shirt honoring the late insurrectionist Ashli Babbitt — tried to school Davram Stiefler by explaining the stolen election in the same way it had been explained to him. "He won!" he said repeatedly.

But Stifler didn't get it, and wanted more specific evidence. So the Trumper went into more detail. "There's a lot!" he said, repeating this many times with slight variations. "There's so much" … "Too much stuff, sir," … "There's a lot of evidence!" …

Finally, when he realized MAGA logic was forever lost on Stiegler, the frustrated gentleman did what all Qult members eventually do and grew downright surly: "You can take that mic and go shove it where it don't shine." (See video below, posted by The Good Liars.)

Front page thumbnail image: The Good Liars (screengrab)