In bizarre robbery, bike thief lingers in garage to have loving chat with family dog (video)

A family's dog in San Diego is about as adorable as they come, but — like most golden retrievers — a guard dog he ain't. And in one of the more bizarre robberies recorded in recent history, when a gentleman stopped by to steal a $1,300 bike, he ended up staying, seduced by the doggo's loving wags and kisses. (See video below, posted by the San Diego Police Department.)

The dog was so welcoming that the robber — a young white man sporting a white cap, long shorts, and orange shoes — had already made his way out of the garage with the bike, but then actually took time out of his endeavor to roll the bike back inside, where he hugged and had a full-blown conversation with his four-legged host. "Hi buddy. Alright, because you're so cool, come here," he said, bending down to cuddle with the dog. "Because you're the coolest dog I've ever known. I love you too."

He then asked the pooch, "Where's your dad? … Dad! Where are you?" And when the affectionate dog licked the thief, the man joyfully laughed. "I love you too!" he exclaimed, before looking around the garage and asking, "How do you have so much shit in your house? How do you have all this stuff? Dude! You've gotta be the coolest dog ever."

The dog, having his fill of a guest who was wearing out his welcome, finally saw him off, standing in the driveway with a slow goodbye-wag of the tail as he watched the thief, who was now mumbling to himself, slowly walk the bike away. I have to assume the guy was having second thoughts about stealing from such a gracious host.