Watch these adorable quokkas react to a juggling circus performer

Quokkas are definitely some of the absolute cutest creatures on the planet—and the quokkas in this video who are watching the smooth moves of professional juggler and circus performer Luke Forrester are some of the most adorable I've seen. Forrester, who lives in Perth, Western Australia, visited Rottnest Island—a protected nature reserve just off the coast of Perth that's one of the only places in the world where quokkas live (they are only found in Western Australia)—to see how they would react to his juggling. He explains:

I went on a trip to Rottnest Island and discovered quokkas are the best (and cutest) audience in the world.

Well, spoiler alert—they loved it! While watching, they reach out their tiny hands, as if they are trying to imitate the juggling moves, or maybe they're trying to grab the objects bouncing up and down. At any rate, they are as gorgeous as can be! Enjoy!

For more of Luke Forrester's juggling, check out his Instagram.