Taco Tyranny! A twist no one saw coming in the quest to liberate Taco Tuesday

Gregory Gregory, of Gregory's Restaurant in New Jersey, will continue the battle to keep Taco Tuesday as owned IP. Last month we reported that Taco John's had given up their trademark on "Taco Tuesday," thus allowing everyone to enjoy tacos on Tuesdays without fear of litigation, or in Taco Bell, the plaintiff's case the ability to market the living daylights out of it. Cheers were heard at bars and taco shops around the nation.

Except in New Jersey, where Gregory Gregory holds the mark. The gentleman intends to spend mucho dinero fighting Taco Bell over this. Somebody hand me the popcorn emoji.


And, according to all accounts and statements from Gregory, he plans to fight Taco Bell's attempt to vacate his trademark.

A New Jersey restaurant is fighting what it calls a "David and Goliath" battle over the trademark for Taco Tuesday. Gregory Gregory owns Gregory's Restaurant in New Jersey. He said he started Taco Tuesday in 1979 and trademarked the phrase a few years later. But now he's in a battle with national chain Taco Bell over the trademark.

That leaves Gregory's the lone holdout against Taco Bell. The restaurant doesn't have the same financial power as the chain, but Gregory hopes they can prevail against the larger company.

Indeed, but financial power isn't really the problem here. The problem is that all the reasons that would have been laid out in court against Taco John's would apply in New Jersey as well. And the fact that Taco John's lawyers ostensibly looked at all this and advised their client to run away instead should tell Gregory all he needs to know. The term was generic and descriptive to start with and only became more and more generic over time.

Well, I didn't see it coming, anyways.