Ron DeSantis is greeted in Iowa with a bullhorn: "Go back to Florida, Puddingfingers!" (video)

In DeSantisland, where disagreeing with the MAGA dictator will have dire consequences, the petty governor is adored by all. But take Ron DeSantis to another state, and suddenly he's a laughingstock candidate.

Such as the warm welcome the struggling candidate received in Iowa this morning, when he was greeted by a bullhorn: "Go back to Florida, Puddingfingers! Go back to Florida, Puddingfingers!" (See video below, posted by The Recount.)

One of his MAGA thugs tried to manhandle the protestor, but her bullhorn prevailed.

DeSantis' unsavory nickname hearkens back to 2019, which is when, as first reported by the Daily Beast, he gobbled up a cup of pudding using three fingers. The Florida man been the butt of many a joke ever since.

Front page thumbnail image: Boing Boing / midjourney