How to grow crops

Openfarm (github) is a simple, straightforward site explaining how to grow edible plants such as tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce and strawberries. [via Hacker News]

OpenFarm is a free and open database for farming and gardening knowledge. We provide a platform for expert and beginner farmers and gardeners to share their knowledge in the form of Growing Guides – structured, community generated, single-author documents that describe how to grow a Crop based on specific environmental conditions and growing practices. Compatibility Scoring between Users and Guides allows high quality and relevant information to be discovered quickly. We are a global service that aims to break down borders through the open sharing of knowledge, increase participation in the food system, and help everyone become a better farmer or gardener.

The site itself's been around for about a decade, though it apparently stopped growing a while back.

The concept of OpenFarm originated in September of 2013 in the FarmBot Whitepaper by Rory Aronson. The idea was to build a centralized, structured, and open dataset that described how to grow plants based on specific environmental conditions and growing practices. This database would be the knowledge for FarmBot to function, and it was necessary to build from the ground up because nothing like it existed. Up until the middle half of 2014, OpenFarm was significantly tied to the FarmBot Project in purpose, team members, and resources.