Racist cow name sparks backlash at Wisconsin State Fair

At first, no one seemed to notice the name of a three-year-old cow in a competition at this year's Wisconsin State Fair. The cow's name is "Milgene Tatoo J*****o."

The "J" word is a well-known racial slur against Black people.

However, one fair-goer noticed and took a photo, posting it to social media. After news of the cow's name spread widely, fair officials stepped in to take action and removed the exhibitor from the fair.

The family that owns the cow issued a statement, which read:

We want to extend our sincere apologies to the Black community, the Wisconsin State Fair and fellow dairy farmers about the racially insensitive term we used to name one of our cows. We now recognize that use of this word is unacceptable and harmful. Immediately upon learning the meaning of this term, we changed the cow's name. We are committed to educating ourselves further.

The cow's name is now "Milgene Tatoo Puzzle."

Fair officials said they would begin to review animal names from now on.