American bully dog usually loves TV — but one silly movie scares the bejeezus out of him (video)

A woman told Newsweek her American bully dog loves to watch movies, his favorites being Paw Control and Peppa Pig. He also loves cartoons. But when she popped in The Super Mario Bros Movie, it was as if she'd just introduced him to his first horror flick.

He took one look at Mario, Luigi, Toad, and some of the other "terrifying" characters from the Mushroom Kingdom and lost it, barking loudly while running up to and then backing away from the screen. Fortunately, he was also wagging his tail, a sign that his excitement was all in the name of scary fun. (See video below, posted by Jefe_the_American_Bully).

It's hard to imagine what was going through his canine mind, but maybe this doggo sees something in the Mushroom Kingdom that we don't.

Front page thumbnail image: Irina Nedikova /