Delusional Marjorie Taylor Greene gushes out loud: "Is it possible that I'll be VP?"

Qongresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has long angled for a chance to be Donald Trump's cell, er, running mate, now fantasizes out loud: "Is it possible that I'll be VP?"

With stars in her eyes, Georgia's top space laser expert recently told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that although she's thinking about running for senator in 2026 – possibly against Republican Governor Brian Kemp, if he runs – for now she'd like to keep her all of her so-called options open.

"I have a lot of things to think about. Am I going to be a part of President Trump's Cabinet if he wins? Is it possible that I'll be VP?" she gushed to AJC, via Mediaite.

According to AJC, the delusional Greene also said it would be "an honor" to join Trump on the 2024 MAGA ticket, and she would consider the opportunity "very, very heavily."

Oops. Looks like someone can't take a strong hint when an aloof Trump encourages them to set their sights elsewhere, such as he did last spring when he encouraged the Georgia peach to run for Senate.