Kellyanne Conway fumes that Donald Trump was indicted in Atlanta — where his alleged crimes took place (video)

Trump apologist Kellyanne Conway is still at it, this time outraged that her former boss was indicted (for the fourth time) in Atlanta's largest county — Fulton County — even though the capital city is where most of his alleged crimes in Georgia occurred. She also fumed that his other three indictments happened in the areas where his misconduct for those charges took place.

"How in the world can you have [it happen in] the most liberal county in Georgia, D.C, New York City — all these places that voted against him? I don't think he could get a fair trial," she said yesterday on Fox News, seeming to forget that suspects are usually tried where their crimes were committed. (See video below, posted by Acyn.)

In the same Fox segment, however, she did come around, admitting that "there's a two-tiered system of justice; it seems like there's one for Donald Trump and one for everyone else." But hopefully that's about to change.

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