Far too many of Musk's followers and Twitter's users appear fake; advertisers may never return

Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk didn't just overpay for Twitter now X by waiving all due diligence and making up a funny number, he also has devalued the user base so catastrophically it appears there is nothing of value left. Mashable offers some interesting insight into Musk's set of followers, and how that large group reflects out to the general user base.

TLDR: a whole lot of of Twitter is fake accounts, and Musk popularity is imaginary or engineered.


Of the 153,209,283 X accounts following Musk at the time the data was collected, around 42 percent of Musk's followers, or more than 65.3 million users, have zero followers on their own account. Just over 72 percent, or nearly 112 million, of these users following Musk have less than 10 followers on their account.

When it comes to content creation on the platform, more than 62.5 million Musk followers have zero tweets. This would include users who have deleted all of their tweets by the time this data was collected over the past few weeks as well as accounts that have never before tweeted. More than 100 million Musk followers have less than 10 tweets posted to their account…

…Musk has recently claimed that X now has more than 540 million "monthly users." If accurate, that means more than 25 percent of accounts on the platform follow Musk. And if those numbers are inflated, it means that even a larger percentage of the entire platform follows Musk. With a huge swath of Musk's 153 million followers not using the platform or perhaps not real, it seems a good portion of X's overall user base may not be so active either.