Indictments are getting to Donald Trump, as he cowardly cancels two events in one day

Donald Trump is known for his reckless bravado, saying and doing just about anything to keep his manipulated MAGA followers in line. But when his lies and stupid actions get him in over his head, he makes a quick exit (think hiding out in White House bunker during a protest in 2020), which is what he did yesterday —from two separate events, in two separate announcements.

His first about-face came in a Truth Social post in which he canceled the "major press conference" that he had promised for Monday that would finally, after three long years, reveal "Irrefutable & Overwhelming evidence" of his baseless 2020 election fraud claims. But nope, not happening. (See first retreat post below, reposted by Republican Accountability.)

And then on the same day, he also vamoosed from next week's Republican presidential debate. "People know my record … Why would I debate?" he asked without irony in a second Truth Social post. "I'M YOUR MAN. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN." (See second retreat post below, reposted by Rep. Adam Kinzinger.)

It's no surprise that the rattled four-times indicted, ex-one-term president is in cowering mode, but it does show that this last, fourth indictment, which might have enough oompf to finally make him accountable for his crimes, has got him running scared.

Via HuffPost