The magical miniature critters and stop-motion animations of Chloe Bensinger

Chloe Bensinger makes enchanting stop motions that feature her hand made, felted critters and amazing miniature sets. I love the whimsical forest setting that her films take place in. These videos always take me back to the magic of childhood. 

This little ceremony of woodland spirits gathered around a forest harvest is one of my favorites. All of Bensigers characters are so delicately crafted, and look as if they came from a magical storybook land. The creature named "Moth" that appears in many of her videos is such a captivating little fellow. I could watch videos of him all day long. 

From Instagram:

"A day at the Lake with Moth and Woodkin! Time for some fishing and a relaxing afternoon in the boat. The frogs are singing and the water lilies are blooming! 

What do you think of Moth's new summer cabin?!

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