Fox blames Biden for failing to stop Tropical Storm Hilary at the border: "they let it right in"

Fox thought we could detain the storm and put it in a cage beside the children.

New Civil Rights Movement:

Fox News is blaming Tropical Storm Hilary hitting California on President Joe Biden.

In the first minute of the right-wing cable channel's "The Big Weekend Show" Sunday evening, host Kennedy opened with a dramatic introduction.

"The big story tonight: The wrath of Tropical Storm Hilary. 42 million desperate souls in the path of the storm which made landfall in Mexico several hours ago. But they let it right into the country because it's Biden's America."

"Its impact far from over," Kennedy continued. "This is the first tropical storm to hit California since 1939, when Joe Biden started his Senate career," the longtime Fox host added, appearing to mock the President who was born in 1942.

"Forecasters warn there could be catastrophic, and life-threatening flooding," she continued.