Ron DeSantis resents that Donald Trump can skip debates while he can't: "He owes it to people" (video)

In a fruitless attempt to save his doomed campaign, Ron DeSantis tried to smile on Fox News today. But after a few seconds of trying to hold the awkward grin, he dropped it and immediately grew sassy, scolding Donald Trump for "displaying a sense of entitlement."

"I think he owes it to people," he said about Trump and this week's primary debate.

"I don't think our voters … are going to look kindly on somebody that thinks they don't have to earn it. … I mean, I was a blue collar kid. I didn't have anything handed to me," said the Yale and Harvard graduate. "We shouldn't be displaying a sense of entitlement."

And perhaps DeSantis shouldn't be displaying a sense of jealousy. But the Florida man is unable to hide his anger over the fact that he has to debate like hell this Wednesday, exposing himself to further ridicule, while his Teflon opponent — who leads DeSantis by 46 points in a new poll — gets to skip out.

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