Google reportedly cans plans to make "gaming" Chromebooks with Nvidia GPUs

Rumors that Google planned to stuff game-tier graphics chips in Chromebooks fizzled today after a code commit obliquely put the project to death. Kevin C. Tofel writes at About Chromebooks about disappointment:

This cancellation applies to any specific Chromebook models expected to use the board as well. So the Cora and Zeus devices found by 9to5 Google back in May aren't coming to market. I double-checked both of those device names and they were to use the Hades board.I'm extremely disappointed to hear this. More so than the lack of ARM Chromebooks on a newer Snapdragon chip. Why? Because after testing Steam on a Chromebook with integrated Iris Xe graphics, I'm feeling underwhelmed.

"Gaming Chromebook" is one of those things that makes sense until you think about it a moment. I just checked Best Buy and they'll mail you an MSI with a GTX 1650 for $440. There's just no way a Chromebook with, say, an MX450 in it would be a competitive product.