Here are important questions that won't be asked at Wednesday's GOP Presidential debate

All the candidates who will lose the GOP primary are set to gather on Wednesday. Their aim is to showcase their aptitude at praising Donald Trump, while simultaneously asserting that they are a better choice than him. (The exception is the reformed Trump bootlicker, Chris Christie.)

The debate moderators no doubt have a list of what they believe are hard-hitting questions. I hope that at least some of these include the ones on the list Radley Balko posted in his Substack newsletter.

Here are a few samples:

Would you welcome the support of QAnon believers? What about the Proud Boys? The Oath Keepers? The Three Percenters? Would you welcome an endorsement by Nick Fuentes? Richard Spencer? Stormfront? Will you specifically reject support from any of these parties?

Gov. DeSantis, you recently said that under your administration, if someone with fentanyl in a backpack attempted to enter the country, Border Patrol agents would be empowered to shoot that person "stone cold dead." How would that work? How would Border Patrol agents know if there was fentanyl in someone's backpack? Would they have the power to shoot and kill anyone who crosses the border with a backpack on the assumption that it might contain fentanyl? Or is the idea that if Border Patrol agents find fentanyl on someone after detaining and searching them along the border, they'd have the power to shoot that person? Are you aware that the vast, vast majority of fentanyl enters the country through legal ports of entry, and is smuggled by U.S. citizens? Do you think any U.S. citizen suspected of smuggling fentanyl should also be shot on sight?

 Do you believe any innocent people have been executed since the Supreme Court reinstituted the death penalty in 1976?

Do you believe the media is the "enemy of the people?" Are there any circumstances under which you think it would be appropriate to arrest and imprison a journalist or publisher over something they've written, broadcast, or published?