Marjorie Taylor Greene's hypocrisy exposed in two tweets four months apart

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a woman of many talents — a liar, a conspiracy theorist, a stalker, a whiner. But don't forget that Georgia's fascist peach is also a world-class hypocrite, as evidenced by a  pair of tweets she made four months apart.

In the first tweet, dated April 14, 2023, the brassy blonde schoolmarm snapped, "The online personal fights between Trump and DeSantis influencers need to stop."

But yesterday, Marge posted a photo of a "Desanctimonius Debate Night Bingo Card," encouraging everyone to "get your bingo cards ready for tomorrow night!" The bingo card has squares making fun of DeSantis, such as "Bobbles Head," "Wipes Snot," and "Nervous Laugh."

It doesn't matter. For Greene's followers, her hypocrisy serves as a unique selling point, marking her as a standout in the political scene.