Netflix will soon send its last DVDs in the mail. Still have some? You can keep 'em.

A quarter-century after Netflix transformed the video rental market, its spinoff rental company is sending out its final discs to subscribers on September 29. And if you have any DVDs still to be returned, fuck it, says the company, you can just keep them.

"We are not charging for any unreturned discs after 9/29," the company tweeted. "Please enjoy your final shipments for as long as you like!" 

According to, back in 2011 when Netflix seperated out its DVD rental business, there were 16 million subscribers getting those red envelopes with DVDs inside. Now there's fewer than 1.3 million. "Netflix's streaming service, by comparison, added 5.9 million subscribers last quarter alone, bringing its global total to 238.4 million."

You can still sign up to right now and request up to eight discs which you'll get to keep forever,.. or take to the flea market where demand is still surprisingly high.