Will the DVD logo hit the corner of the screen?

Remember the scene below from The Office (US) in which the gang was captivated by the bouncing DVD player screensaver as they waited for the logo to hit the corner of the screen? There are now several online versions of this entrancing activity. Above is a livestream of a DVD screensaver simulation with chat available on the YouTube page. There's also a more minimal and realistic experience awaiting you at BouncingDVDLogo.com. (Thanks, Lux!)

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Entire run of Seinfeld: $59 for 33 discs

The 33-disc, nine-season box set of the complete run of Seinfeld is $59 on Amazon right now.

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Breaking Bad in a barrel

Available for pre-order, Breaking Bad: The Complete Series Blu-Ray in a barrel that includes the full run of the show plus 55 hours of special features, a two-hour documentary, booklet, challenge coin designed by Gillian, Los Pollos Hermanos apron. Get yerself a gram of Blue Sky and redefine binge watching. "Breaking Bad: The Complete Series (+UltraViolet Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]" Read the rest