California man watches on security cam as bear breaks into his apartment and snuggles up for a nap in his bed (video)

When an apartment security camera alerted one resident of Kings Beach, California near Lake Tahoe of an intruder in his apartment, he was surprised by what he saw on the screen of his mobile phone. A black bear had broken into his abode, made a mess of the place, knocked over his TV, and then disappeared out of the camera's view. Video below.

The man called his property manager who investigated.

"He slowly walked up to the window where it had broken the screen and gotten through, and peeked in," the resident said. "He then saw that the bear was sleeping on my bed! He started making loud noises and the bear popped up and climbed back out and ran off."

Apparently the bear also tossed garbage on the floor and shredded the bed sheets before dozing off, exhausted from the shenanigans. Goldilocks could not be reached for comment.