Clips of Ron DeSantis awkwardly trying to smile

As Ed Mazza of Huffington Post wrote this morning, "Ron DeSantis' awkward smile attempt is creeping everyone out." Yes, indeed, by now you've probably seen this clip floating around social media of DeSantis trying to smile at the Republican primary candidates debate last night. I usually have a rule about not making fun of people's appearances, but I make an exception for DeSantis. So in that spirit, here are some other moments where Ron just couldn't figure out how to smile:

You might also enjoy this compilation of awkward moments put together by Vanity Fair. Here are a couple of highlights:

The "I'm not a candidate" face

Technically, this occurred before DeSantis officially announced his bid for office but really and truly should be included in the canon. Watching it with the sound off somehow makes it worse.

The laugh heard 'round the world

This happened at a car show in Iowa in May and feels like a situation in which someone working for him should have been like, "This is not what we talked about when we talked about acting natural."

Go read about and watch the rest here. You might also enjoy this compilation video.