Full Self-Incriminating: Musk won't be ticketed for live streaming while driving

Palo Alto Police didn't see the incident in person, so they will not issue a ticket to Elon Musk for driving a motor vehicle while playing with his smartphone. Elon's waving the camera is a fantastic demonstration of a person violating California's hands-free smartphone use laws.

The Verge:

"Had an officer observed the driver with the phone in their hand, they could have issued the driver an infraction ticket for violating California's handsfree law," writes Palo Alto PD Captain James Reifschneider.

"As no officer witnessed it happening in person at the time of occurrence, though, no ticket is forthcoming," he told me via email.

There's no question that Musk was in control of the vehicle: he was forced to stop his "Full Self Driving" system from running a red light partway through the livestream, and he reveals that he's in the drivers seat by turning the camera on himself near the 30-minute mark.