MAGA man disgusted that Disney is "advertising gayness," then admits he doesn't get it (video)

A MAGA man in Georgia proved his loyalty to the party by feeling outrage toward Disney on the day of Trump's arrest, but when asked to explain what the problem was, he literally made no sense. In fact, even he admitted he didn't know what the heck was making him so upset.

"Disney was advertising… [long confused pause] … gayness to my … [er] … to our kids," he said, looking like a 6th grader painfully trying to remember the lines to a show-and-tell presentation. And when the teacher, I mean Davram Stiefler from Good Liars, asked him to clarify, things got even muddier.

"I don't kn– … Disney was going into the business of putting ideas in my kids … [er] … my grandkids' minds…that I didn't want them putting in my grandkids' minds," he said slowly, trying to remember what Fox and Q and his furious radio talk show hosts taught him.

But when Stiefler asked, "Did that actually happen?" the poor fellow admitted, "I don't know. I'm just going on what I heard."

And did his grandkids change their views because of Disney? "No," he uttered, realizing none of it makes sense. But you can bet the red-capped Trump disciple is still as angry as a hornet when it comes to Disney. (See video below, posted by the Good Liars.)


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