Passengers step onto nightmare elevator that gets stuck, then plunges (caught on video)

A plunging elevator is as nightmarish as a rollercoaster flying off its rails, and in China on Saturday three people in a high-rise building took such a ride after stepping inside the lift.

At first the riders — one who was coming from the 25th floor — got stuck around the 4th floor, as seen in the video below (caught on security footage and posted by Mike Sington). But after a few moments of passengers talking and pressing buttons, the elevator— which was swaying at this point, according to the New York Post, suddenly dropped.

"Everything was spinning. We were all thrown in the air before crashing onto the floor," said one of the passengers, via the NYP.

One person shot up to the ceiling before hitting the floor. The other two riders immediately tumbled down. Fortunately everyone survived, but all were rushed to a hospital in Changsha, a city in the Hunan Province, with injuries. While one person suffered only bruises, another broke some bones and the third person's condition is unknown.

The elevator had caused problems in the past and had been reported to the building's property managers, who had ignored the complaints. They are now, finally, sending mechanics to take a look.

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