Trump Jr. baffles with nonsensical diatribe in street interview

Davram Stiefler of The Good Liars conducted a brief street interview with Donald Trump Jr. about the 2020 election. See the video below.

With his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle trotting behind him at a respectful distance in accordance with religious tradition, Junior was approached by Stiefler, who asked him, "Who do you think won the 2020 election?"

Staring straight ahead, Junior said in a voice he paid a lot of money to drop an octave, "I think Donald Trump did."

"But why?" asked Stiefler. "Because there's kind of a lack of evidence, right?"

Junior then launched into a nonsensical diatribe, a word salad that makes Sarah Palin sound like James Baldwin in comparison.

"You know, just the whole not being able to complete a sentence by the existing president, someone who can sit there and talk about losing his Corvette," said Junior, pretending to answer Stiefler's question. "What about ending our American energy policy? It's about every failure imaginable from the bottom."

In MAGA land, far-right racist Charles Manson's dictum that "no sense makes sense" is a tenet of faith, so Junior earns a 10/10 for his performance here.