Wealthy San Francisco resident seeking to close 'disruptive' public pickleball courts has her own

Wealthy folks with a mansion close to public pickleball courts in San Francisco's Presidio want them closed. They are circulating an online petition seeking to close the courts, as the noise is disruptive, and lowers property values. No one expects the sounds of recreation to emanate from a public park.

One of the petitioners, Holly Peterson, has her own court, at the mansion she shares with her tech executive husband.

SF Gate:

The petition, signed by residents Holly Peterson and Mary Tesluk, is chock-full of claims that seem designed to generate sympathy. The authors say the sounds emanating from the courts are "grating," and claim that the "endless racket" threatens native ecosystems. They also say that the "flood of pickleball fanatics" are depressing neighborhood home values with their "unyielding noise," and are creating a safety hazard by clogging up a nearby Slow Street with their vehicles.

The petition appeared online last week and has so far gathered 94 signatures. But earlier this week, internet sleuths in a pickleball forum on Reddit dug up a Wall Street Journal article from May that describes the 106-year-old Presidio mansion that Peterson shares with her husband. Turns out the home has a pickleball court in the backyard. Reddit users were quick to jump on the newfound information.

"She has a pickleball court? Lol that can't be good for her petition," one person wrote.

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