Laura Loomer attacks Marjorie Taylor Greene on X: "You are a CON WOMAN"

Marjorie Taylor Greene found her MAGA horns locked with those of far-right agitator Laura Loomer, who had some choice — and accurate — words to say about Empty G today: "You are a CON WOMAN."

Greene is no stranger to mean girl tiffs, but her usual sparring partner, Congressquack Lauren Boebert, wasn't available for this week's sideshow. So she changed the line-up when she griped about the long 17-year prison sentence that Proud Boy organizer Joseph Biggs received for his part in the Capitol insurrection.

"If Biggs had plead [sic] guilty to planning to kill a member of congress he would have only gotten 3 months like the man in NY in my case did," she tweeted. "But no he gets 17 years for being mad about the election and going in the Capitol."

To which Loomer — furious that Greene had been too busy promoting her own circus act to help out Biggs — attacked the Georgia peach with a churlish script straight out of Marge's own playbook.

"You could have done something about it but you didn't. I was at the Proud Boys trial and raised money to help Joe's legal defense fund. He's a combat veteran from Florida and a friend of mine. I know for a fact that his legal team contacted your office and asked for assistance and you never Helped him because they told me. And so did Joe," Loomer tweeted.

"So save your faux outrage @mtgreenee. You want to help? Go release the damn J6 tapes like you said you did, said you would, and never did. You are a CON WOMAN."

Welp, looks like Empty G. has met her match.

Via Mediaite