Teen alleges DeSantis' staffers physically intimidated him, Casey DeSantis calls the kid a liar

Yet another strange campaign trail story about Ron and Casey DeSantis and someone underage. A 15-year-old boy asked Ron a question at a campaign stop in New Hampshire; DeSantis, of course, sidestepped the question and moved on. At two subsequent campaign events, the young man has had unpleasant interactions with DeSantis' security folk, who seem to be stalking the child.

Not to be outdone Casey DeSantis spoke to the boy's mother and implied he is a liar.


But Mitchell told The Daily Beast that members of the governor's team grabbed and physically intimidated him at two later campaign stops, on the Fourth of July and on Aug. 19.

He said he was surrounded and physically restrained at a July 4 parade after briefly interacting with DeSantis, and the candidate's private security contractors briefly detained him, while an attendee at the latter event saw a staffer for DeSantis' super PAC Never Back Down take a photo of Mitchell on Snapchat, with the ominous caption, "Got our kid."

"I actually had a reporter come up and just say, 'They're pointing at you and they're watching you,'" Mitchell said.

Casey DeSantis, the candidate's wife, spoke directly to Mitchell's mother at the parade but suggested the boy was lying about what took place.