Twitter updates terms of service to allow it to use posts and user data to train AI

Twitter, haphazardly rebranded as X, has updated its terms of service to allow it to train AIs with user-provided data–a vast trove of posts going back more than 15 years–to "operate, improve, and personalize our services," with an eye to making money.

Alex Ivanovs points out that Musk's been closing off the site to the rest of the web, that his AI startup xAI is positioned to merge with it, and that "Twitter is no longer a universal experience but a personalized realm defined by AI algorithms."

Wasn't Elon the one who said that Microsoft used Twitter's data illegally and that he wanted to bring them to court? It's funny how that works because now you're going to be working for Elon Musk, and he does not plan to pay you, and he certainly does not plan to ask for your permission to use your content this way."

Facebook is doing great business again, so he's making it like Facebook, and the constant flow of timely material is valuable due to the AI bubble. There you go. If there's anything the last year's taught us, it's easy to overthink Musk.

P.S. The terms also have you waive the right to join class-action lawsuits against it.