What type of person are you? Depends on how you react to an obnoxious bike horn (video)

Nobody likes to be startled, especially by a honking bike horn on an otherwise peaceful day.

But how folks respond — e.g., screeching, gasping, scolding the honker, or running for the hills — depends on what kind of person they are (and there are 17 types!). For example, an "Over-Reactor" will scream with frenzied arms as they start running backwards, a "Diver" will leap head first to the side of the road, and the "Genuinely Scared" will yelp and run off, losing their shoes in the process.

And who better to demonstrate these physical reactions to said startlement than the very physical Daniel LaBelle (see video below), a comedian who (like always) gets his hilarious point across with very few words.

Front page thumbnail image: Vitali Michkou / shutterstock.com