Peter Navarro found GUILTY of contempt of Congress (plus entertaining after-verdict video)

The arrogant Peter Navarro was convicted today of contempt of Congress after he defied the House committee's subpoena during the Jan. 6 investigations. The con artist and former trade advisor to Donald Trump faces up to one year in prison, and will be sentenced in January.

Navarro "acted like he was above the law," said prosecutors via CBS News. But today's verdict proves him wrong. (See video of his reaction below.)

From MTN:

Navarro's trial followed a similar pattern to Steve Bannon's. Both were charged with refusing to appear before the J6 Committee, both asserted executive privilege that was rejected by the trial court, both also attempted to make constitutional defenses that were also excluded, then both refused to testify or call any witnesses.

Once the trial judge excluded Navarro's creative defenses, he essentially had no other defenses available. The government had to prove that the J6 Committee was a lawfully formed organ of Congress, that a subpoena was issued, the subpoena was served on Navarro, and he willfully failed to appear. Each of those things was quickly and easily proved.

And from CBS:

Sentencing is set for January, and Navarro faces a maximum of one year in prison and a fine of $100,000 for each count. Speaking with reporters outside the court, Navarro and his attorneys indicated they would appeal the verdict, calling the prosecution "a landmark case" about separation of powers.

Here is video of the guilty gentleman immediately after the verdict, (posted by Justin Baragona), along with some bizarre footage of the protestors who always show up for him as background entertainment. It looks like another lawsuit, this time from one of the protestors, might be in the works.