Sex assault charge dropped against marine after it turns out the 14-year-old girl he hid on base told him she was 22

A U.S. Marine was released from confinement last week and a sexual assault charge against him dropped. It emerged the 14-year-old girl he hid on barracks for days had told him online that she was 22.

He pleaded guilty to the remaining charge of breach of restriction for leaving base in a private vehicle… Rosario already served more than twice the maximum one-month confinement outlined as punishment for such cases. A special court-martial on Tuesday sentenced him to time served as well as to reduction of rank, forfeiture of some pay and administrative separation. The latter means he will leave the corps in the summer as a fired U.S. Marine but not under the cloud of a dishonorable discharge. The separation will likely happen in the next 90 to 120 days, the corps said in its statement.

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